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What Are Our Appliance Brands Doing?

It's become so clear that NOW is the time we need to focus on Eco-Friendly Products. Check out what some of our brands around the world are doing to make their companies & appliances more Eco-Friendly.


This year Whirlpool made a global commitment to reach a net zero emissions target in our plants and operations by 2030

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From washing machines, dishwashers, and e-drives to drilling tools – Bosch is developing products that improve the quality of life and that help conserve natural resources. What’s more, the company started reducing its own carbon footprint a long time ago and achieved CO₂ neutrality at its more than 400 locations worldwide in 2020 – making it the first global industrial company to do so.

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LG is committed to creating a more sustainable world – today and in the future.

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