Appliance Buying Guides

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Do you want a third rack or perhaps a drawer dishwasher? Let us help you make your decision based on wants and needs.

Wall Oven Buying Guide

Maybe a french door wall oven would be best for you, or perhaps you would like a steam oven? Don't stress our wall oven guide will help make you be more informed on your decision.

Cooktop Buying Guide

Love to cook, perhaps a pro range cooktop would be best? Looking for a minimal look, a flush mounted countertop may be what you are looking for. Let us guide you what will best for you.

Range Buying Guide

Wi-Fi, air fry, induction... there are lots of options to consider when looking at ranges. Let us guide you with your decision.  

Pro Range Buying Guide

Want to feel like a chef at home, look no further than a pro range. Designed for high heat output and heavy duty build quality it will help you master your cooking skills. With 100's of colours and multiple sizes available it can be overwhelming, let us help guide your decision.

Ventilation Buying Guide

There are many options when looking at ventilation such as custom hoods, under cabinet, island ventilation, pro hoods to name a few. Let our guide help you decide what is the best fit for you.

Refrigeration Buying Guide

4 door, 5 door, drawer, built-in... Nowadays there are so many different types and sizes of fridges it can be overwhelming. Let us guide on what is best for you.

Wine Refrigeration Buying Guide

Not only can wine fridges make a statement in your kitchen, but they also protect your wine investments by keeping them at the correct temperature. Let us guide on what would be the best fit for you.

Freezer Buying Guide

Having a separate freezer will keep you prepared, organized, and allow you stock on any needed supplies. In this guide we break down different styles of freezers so you can get a better understanding of what works best for you.

Laundry Buying Guide

Top load or front load? Do you need steam? Let us help you get the best cleaning results for your needs.

Small Appliance Buying Guide

Countertop pizza ovens, air fry ovens, automated tea kettles. There are many great small appliances to compliment your kitchen.

Espresso Buying Guide

Capsule, semi-automatic, fully automatic, built-in. Let us guide you on what the best option for you to become your own barista at home.

Microwave Buying Guide

Microwaves are more advance than ever with features such as convection, air fry, steam and many more. Our buying guide will help you understand the different technologies as well as different styles such as drawers, over the range, built-in and counter top.