Barbecue Buying Guides

Outdoor Kitchen Buying Guide

Outdoor kitchens allow you host backyard parties, cook like a chef outside and have everything you need cook right in your backyard.

Natural Gas & Propane Barbecue Buying Guide

Start your grill with a push of button! Gas grills are the most convenient barbecue you can buy and they can perform with ease year round. With many sizes and features available it can be overwhelming, let our guide help you make the right decision.  

Pellet Barbecue
Buying Guide

Set it and forget it. Pellet grills have really grown in popularity the last few years, however many still don't know much about them. Let us teach about this amazing style of grilling.

Kamado Barbecue Buying Guide

Kamado Grills are fuelled by charcoal and can smoke, sear, or roast just about anything, and they maintain consistent temperatures making them one of the most versatile grill you can buy. It is a favourite with many barbecue enthusiast, view our guide to learn why.

Charcoal Barbecue Buying Guide

Many will argue that authentic barbecue has to be cooked over charcoal. Let us guide you on what is best charcoal barbecue for you.

Traditional Smoker Barbecue Buying Guide

Barrel or vertical smoker? There are advantages to both. Let us guide you on what would suit your needs best.