Introducing TA Gourmet Loyalty Rewards!

Are you a new homeowner of a new build enhanced with appliances from your local TA Appliances & Barbecues? Or did you get referred to the TA Builder Division by your home contractor, builder, or property manager to purchase or upgrade your appliances for your home? If you answered yes, you’ve just become a loyal TA Builder Division Customer!

Every loyal TA Builder Division customer, earns a Loyalty Reward* for 15% off future purchases on our NEW TA Gourmet website! Each reward is valid for one year from the date of registration and can be used as many times as you want throughout the year!

So go ahead, enhance your indoor and outdoor kitchens with our wide selection of gourmet products; you’ve earned it! Register your email below and get access to your Gourmet Reward now.

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*Rewards are valid for one year from the original date of registration and can only be used on the site. TA Accounts will continue to be linked to the email address provided at the time of registration. Log in with that email address and your Reward will automatically be applied in cart while the Reward is valid.