How To: Make Your Own Crepes At Home

Everyone asks, “Pancakes or waffles?” but the real winner is the third option, crepes! The softness of pancakes with the slightly crisp edges from a waffle and the bonus option of being filled with all your favourite toppings. They are also super quick and simple to make using only 4 ingredients!

 To make these delicious crepes all you need is the following:



  1. Add the flour, eggs, milk, and melted butter to a large mixing bowl.
  2. Vigorously whisk until all the ingredients come together and the batter is smooth with no lumps. The final consistency should be a little thicker than heavy whipping cream, add more milk if the batter is too thick.
  3. Heat a large non-stick frying pan on medium-high heat and lightly oil. I like to wipe the pan with a paper towel dipped in oil to avoid adding too much oil.
  4. Once the pan is hot, ladle in approximately 1/4 cup of the batter and spin the pan gently to distribute the batter evenly across the pan.
  5. Allow the crepe to cook for 1-2 minutes, or until the top loses its shine and the bottom starts to lightly brown.
  6. Carefully loosen the edges and flip the crepe using a silicone spatula, then continue cooking for an additional 1 minute.
  7. Remove from the pan and place on a plate or tray. Covering your cooked crepes with a tea towel is a great way to keep them warm and moist while you cook the remaining crepes.


We topped our crepes with chocolate hazelnut spread and whipped cream, but these crepes are super versatile when it comes to fillings. Try out adding fruits and berries, maple syrup, or even make a savoury crepe filled with spinach and ricotta or other meats and cheeses!